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Raf Simons, Phoebe Philo and Marc Jacobs
Raf Simons, Phoebe Philo and Marc Jacobs@themarcjacobs via Instagram

Why Raf, Phoebe and Marc met for dinner

Back in May, the three designers mysteriously met up – and Simons has just revealed why

Marc Jacobs hasn’t always been a fan of social media. Now however, he’s embraced it and is behind one of fashion’s favourite Instagram accounts. Since joining in March, he’s sparked controversy over a nude selfie (which he’s now immortalised in a t-shirt) and amassed a following of over 280k people, who keep track of his every social media move.

One such move – made in May – piqued the fashion community’s interest. He posted a selfie with two legendary, and very enigmatic, designers: Phoebe Philo and Raf Simons. “Why did they meet?” we all asked. And what did they talk about? Well now, in an interview with Ashley Heath for POP magazine, Simons has shed some light on the situation.

“We were all talking about whether it is possible to stay sane doing what we do,” he tells Heath. “This is the main conversation with Marc and Phoebe. A question for us all. For myself, I know I have to stay sane. But I guess everyone thinks for themselves. I find these two very interesting to have a dialogue with, we are connecting more and more I feel. I like to listen to how they feel about things.”

“You know I think right now everyone is in some respects questioning what is happening,” the designer continues, referring the changing nature of the industry. “Things have been changing a lot for everybody – not only for fashion designers... But sometimes it is very interesting to be able to really talk in depth, and in confidence, with people that sit exactly in your situation.”

And they do sit in the same (very high pressure) situations. All three of them work for large fashion houses: Jacobs for his own eponymous label, Philo for Céline and Simons for Christian Dior – all of which are owned by luxury good conglomerate LVMH. Each designer will be unveiling their respective SS16 collections in September. Stay tuned for full coverage.