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Britney Spears calls in the clowns

Britney Spears recruits the DSquared2 twins to design and star in her circus-themed world tour.

After sending out a catwalk tribute to the oversized Starbuck cups, Blackberry-checking, US Weekly-reading of young Hollywood (read Olsens), DSquared2 has perhaps been fixated with the idea of dressing girls interrupted. Interrupted being the operative word with Britney Spears, whose stop and start career comeback train ride has been dealt some hefty lows. Spears has put DSquared2 in charge of her stage costumes for her upcoming world tour "The Circus Starring Britney Spears" and the boys Dean and Dan Caten have also scored themselves a part to play as ringmasters in heels. Surely the perfect addition to Britney's topsy turvy circus that is so purposely metaphorical.

Britney appears as the lion-tamer, decked out in a red and blue jacket with gold rope piping and, simultaneously, as the beast. She whips off her jacket to reveal a black chiffon and crystal-encrusted three-piece vixen corset, whereupon she is enslaved by leather hooded chain-bound dancers. Also appearing in DSquared2 designs are myriad menacing sado-clowns and salacious centaurs. A tour of characters open for endless interpretation and comparisons for those fascinated with the highs and lows of Spears.