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Haider Ackermann AW15 Mens Red Velvet Jacket Zips Scarf
Haider Ackermann AW15Photography Lea Colombo

Haider Ackermann AW15

Bohemian fantasy: leather, dark-hued velvet and animal print combine to create the modern day dandy

TextSusie LauPhotographyLea Colombo

Initial reaction:

Beau Brummell meets Robert Mapplethorpe as Haider Ackermann persists with his own interpretation of rarified dandy attire, in rich hues of forest green and aubergine, accented with animal print mohair and topped off with garrison caps. The shirts ruffled up like frilled Darcy-esque lawn shirts but when paired with skinny leather hipster trousers and Chelsea boots, it was the sort of bohemian fantasy that Ackermann has been conjuring up ever since he ventured into menswear.  

Counterpart girls: 

The presence of girls on the runway at men’s shows has been building for a while now, and Paris is following on where Milan left off. Haider’s male and female counterparts (including Brazilian model Daiane Conterato) naturally synced up as both sexes took on the silhouette of an oversized mannish blazer with an artfully tied scarf and stomping boots. In their line formation, they turned to the side and faced each other – lovers, partners in crime, comrades.

Stand out look:

A chunky brown jumper with sleeves that are deliberately long, worn with leather trousers and a jacket tied around the waist – something comforting and dishevelled with something luxurious and decadent.