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Kate Moss on the digital cover of AnOtherFilm by Ruth Hogben Styling by Katie Shillingford

Check out Kate Moss on AnOther's first-ever digital cover

Go GIF-crazy for the singularly iconic supermodel in this wet-look Burberry special edition

What can you say about Kate Moss, the model who's fronted more iconic fashion campaigns and images than anyone else? AnOther clearly can't get enough of her. The fashion superstar is on four different covers for their new AW14 issue – and not content with capturing Kate in still form, the magazine has created their first-ever digital cover with Kate in live GIF motion. 

Gareth Pugh collaborator and filmmaker Ruth Hogben created the mesmerizing, rain-dappled cover with AnOther fashion director Katie Shillingford and Burberry, which has enjoyed a longstanding love affair with Britain's most-loved model. Moss is also the star of the new My Burberry campaign with Cara Delevingne.

"We shot against rain so the wet droplets would catch the light and add another layer of texture," explains Shillingford. "Film is such a different medium to still photography. It’s exciting to explore how we can use it in new ways and how the fashion can play a part in the imagery in such an interactive way."

"Kate has such a brilliant, uplifting energy, her movements in the various shiny silhouettes dance across the screen to hypnotic effect."

Consider it Kate the chameleon in yet another transformation, and check out her other covers in the gallery above. The new issue of AnOther is out now – find out more info here

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