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Petra Cortright has teamed up with Stella McCartney

The video artist has joined forces with the fashion house for a series of videos, the first of which shows Petra bending across a physically impossible house wearing some of the new Stella collection

Petra Cortright and Stella McCartney have teamed up for a series of video projects, the first of which is called "Dot Warp with Door". The conceptual video features Petra shapeshifting across a bendy house wearing some new, dotty pieces from the AW14 Stella McCartney collection. Who knew those two were tight?

McCartney told The Cut: "I was instantly struck by Petra’s work, her effortless cool-girl approach. She represents the next-generation Stella girl to me in every way. Her work is mind-blowingly cool and she is the real deal."

Petra's glitchy digital painting and video art is making her a lot of friends in the art world, so it's perhaps no surprise that Stella McCartney has come calling – Petra is well positioned as one of the most fun and daring American innovators online today.

Check out the collab below and read our in-depth interview with Petra here, conducted for our celebration of American radicalism, States of Independence.