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Korine Dior ad

Watch Harmony Korine's dreamy take on Dior Addict

Go through the looking glass with the director's cut of the Die Antwoord-soundtracked fashion film

Let it be known: 2014 was the year that Harmony Korine truly embraced the fashion world. Call it a knock-on effect of his mainstream debut Spring Breakers, or an indication of the shift in attitudes towards fashion film-as-medium, but there’s no doubt that Korine’s fashion output has been keeping him busier than ever. Streetwear giant Supreme called on Korine to direct a super-freaky short to celebrate its new collection. He’s even tried his hand at design: last month, Agnès B debuted a downright terrifying Harmony-illustrated handbag.

Now the director has stepped in the director’s chair for Dior. The Addict fragrance ad stars model Sasha Luss in Alice-in-Wonderland mode, stepping through the mirror into a world filled with (presumably fragrant) flora. Ryan McGinley shot the accompanying campaign. 

It may be more traditional than the director’s previous forays into fashion, but the Korine touch is nonetheless visible in the neon club lighting and thumping music that lies beyond the mirror: Die Antwoord’s "Enter the Ninja", to be exact. The matchy-matchy sweatpants and gold grills of Spring Breakers seem like a distant dream now, don’t they?