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Marie Piovesan at The Society ManagementPhotography by Lea Colombo

Prabal Gurung SS14

The ideal woman preserved behind plastic and underneath strobe beam lights

Initial reaction:

Easter with Alfred Hitchcock.


Clinical strip lighting coldly reflected from tiled floor to plastic screen in anticipation.

Strongest look:

Hanne Gaby in mint green duchesse satin and hot orange lipstick.

Opening sequence:

Models entered all at once and stood in line on the white tile platform, surrounded by a clear plastic screen.


The ideal woman preserved behind plastic, female complexity and Marilyn Monroe in The Last Sitting.

Close up:

Lacquered fabrics, eerie back-brace details and clinical ear rods.

Quote of the show:

"What you guys say is not always what you guys mean." - Prabal Gurung on the mysterious ways of women.

In attendance:

Girls stars Allison Williams and Zosia Mamet, who wrapped Season Three of the HBO show yesterday.

Final moments:

The models stayed standing behind plastic long after the finale, giving show goers a rare closer look.

Left us wanting:

A black and blue glitter-printed laminated tulle raincoat with black silk piping.

Models: Sasha Luss (@RealSashaLuss), Charlotte Hoyer, Tilda Lindstam (@tildalindstam), Juliana Schurig (@Juliana_Schurig), Hanne Gaby (@hannegabysays), Ji Hye Park (@JiHyePark0206), Kremi Otashliyska, Mackenzie Drazan (@MackenzieDrazan), Mijo Mihaljcic, Karlie Kloss (@karliekloss), Ava Smith (@Avakattos), Katya Riabinkina (@KRIABINKINA), Catherine McNeil (@catmcneil), Manon Leloup (@manonleloup), Marine Deleeuw, Nastya Kusikina, Iris Van Berne (@irisvberne), Josephine Le Tutour (@joesephineLT_), Maria Borges, Grace Mahary (@gracemahary), Talis Kyra, Esther Heesch (@estherheesch), Ondria Hardin (@IamOndriaHardin), Irene Hiemstra (@IRENE__X), Ashleigh Good (@ashinstagood), Magdalena Jasek (@magdalena_jasek), Katlin Aas, Chiharu Okunugi (@chiharuuu0515), Zuzanna Bijoch (@BijochZuzanna), Alana Zimmer, Herieth Paul, Senait Gidey (@senaitgidey), McCallan Stringer (@mccallankate), Ming Xi (@mengyaoxi), Manuela Frey, Marie Piovesan, Varsha Thapa, Christina Herrmann, Hedvig Palm (@hedvigpa)