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Michelle Harper and Tracy Sedino in Prabal Gurung
Michelle Harper and Tracy Sedino in Prabal Gurung for Linda Farrow

Linda Farrow: The Eye Life

When Tracy Sedino and Simon Jablon found a 30 year stash of mint condition eyewear, Linda Farrow was reborn

Linda Farrow was established in 1970, one of the first brands to treat sunglasses as fashion, producing seasonal collections and shaping eyewear design with bold silhouettes and finishes.

In the 80s, Farrow, who had designed eyewear for the likes of Balenciaga, and Yves Saint Laurent, put her company on hiatus. It wasn't until 2003 that owner and creative director Simon Jablon, together with his now wife, marketing director Tracy Sedino, discovered a huge archive of vintage styles in a family storage in north London. The company was revived, and soon Sedino and Jablon started producing new styles as much in demand as anything vintage. Nearly ten years later, the company is at the pinnacle of luxe fashion frames, producing its own collections as well as collaborations with the likes of Dries Van Noten, Raf Simons, Kris Van Assche, Prabal Gurung, The Row, Alexander Wang and Yohji Yamamoto.

Having recently opened the first Linda Farrow store in Hong Kong, Dazed Digital spoke to Sedino, who lives and breathes the brand, never far away from her snakeskin-wrapped frames or signature red lipstick.

Dazed Digital: What was your first thought when you first discovered the Linda Farrow archives?
Tracy Sedino: It was definitely overwhelming, I had no idea the amount of glasses that were hidden, locked up in the warehouse for almost 30 years in mint condition. It took several months – almost a year – to even organise the collection which has been the foundation of relaunching Linda Farrow.

DD: Linda Farrow is known for its collaborations. What do you like most about working with other designers? And what's most difficult about it?
Tracy Sedino: Fundamentally we collaborate with brands we love as we have such a huge interest in the industry. Brands such as Alexander Wang, The Row, Prabal Gurung, we signed them before they won the CFDA, literally their second season, and knew that potentially they would be successful. We love working with brands to collaborate and grow together, to do this you have to be on the pulse and truly have an interest in what you do. Additionally we work with brands such as Dries Van Noten, Yohji Yamomoto and Raf Simons –  brands we would have dreamed to be working with before we even started the relaunch of Linda Farrow! It has been so exciting working with several personalities, all very different but all very rewarding.

DD: Pandora's Jukebox aka Yasmina Dexter has DJ'd at a lot of your events...
Tracy Sedino: I remember vividly meeting Yasmina during Paris Fashion Week through a very dear friend to us both, Tiffany Hsu. Since then we have kept in touch and are really good friends, infact Yasmina DJ'd at my wedding last year in Fiesole, Italy and has DJ'd at all our previous parties. I guess I would say she is a Linda Farrow Ambassador, she truly is what Linda Farrow represents.

DD: You've just launched your first shop in Hong Kong, can you tell us about that?
Tracy Sedino: It's at Ocean Terminal and is an environment that represents Linda Farrow and our collaborations, housing the collection. This is definitely our future, we are working on opening more stores –London next we hope, we're currently looking for a location...

DD: Linda Farrow was started by your husband Simon's mother. How is it working with a family business?
Tracy Sedino: Simon and I relaunched the brand, nine years ago. It's just the two of us now, and we have almost 50 people at Linda Farrow London office full time. However Simon's brother works with us along with my brother previously. It' nice to have family involved, obviously there are ups and downs as with family you feel more to act on how you really feel so there are negatives but a lot more positives.

DD: What are your favourite styles for the upcoming season?
Tracy Sedino: A Linda Farrow in metal cateye titanium frame coated in 24 carat gold plating – it looks quite futuristic. Kris Van Assche's wayfayer with a trapped metal frame, it's hard to describe but has been really successful during the men's fashion week just gone. And styles by Prabal Gurung and Erdem – you have to see them they'll be amazing!

DD: Which pair of Linda Farrow sunglasses do you always have on you?
Tracy Sedino: Linda Farrow Luxe 38 wrapped in snakeskin. If you see my Facebook, literally that's all I wear. With red lipstick of course.