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Jordan Askill

The jeweller and sculptor on the beauty of Lear's Macaw

Jordan Askill's jewellery and sculpture share a dialogue. The creative polymath, not limited to either discipline, made his impact with kinetic designs inseparable from their sense of poetry. Swallows, waves of horses and a boy's head hand carved in crystal have a nourishing philosophy beyond being just beautiful objects. Ahead of his Spring/Summer 13 Palladium design, to be unveiled at London Fashion Week, Dazed Digital heard of Askill's latest avian inspiration.

"I am obsessed at the moment by the Lear’s Macaw, which is rare, majestic and metallic blue coloured. Lear’s Macaw is named after Edward Lear, the British poet and artist in the 1800s, he illustrated many members of the macaw family and strongly represented this species. The population stands at 600 birds and has recently been downgraded to endangered from critically endangered because of the support of independent organisations that are helping to conserve the species.

I have always been taken away with majestic and poetic animals. While working on an upcoming S/S13 project with the International Palladium board I stumbled on this species that not only had strong environmental ties but also a really relevant human connection.

Movement and organic form always intrigue me and I also find its colouring beautiful. It’s another magnificent creature that takes my breath away and continues to inspire my work. I like to be able to link my work with environmental aspects I feel passionate about."

Jordan Askill Spring/Summer 13 made using Palladium will be displayed at Somerset House during London Fashion Week as part of BFC's Rock Vault.