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EXCLUSIVE SHOOT: Louise Gray for Topshop

Douglas Irvine shoots and Emma Wyman styles the more-is-more designer's cosmetics and clothing collection

Most make-up ranges veer little from subtly life-enhancing cover-up. Known for her colourful, creative maquillage whatever the time of day, Louise Gray is oblivious to the 'snorefest' (yes, her word) of convention. She doesn't fall in line for her Topshop cosmetics either, launching this week. Electric-blue eyeliner and body glitter are essentials and should be daubed on anarchically in a live-fast, enjoy-young manner.

Encouraging her girls to shine on further, the make-up is bolstered by a series of sequinned clothing for the high-street giant; a collision of colours, patterns and motifs in her electric manner. To celebrate both, Dazed Digital went (moody) pop with a special shoot, asking Gray questions with teen spirit...

Dazed Digital: How would you describe yourself on an online dating site?
Louise Gray:
Difficult but fun.

DD: If you could makeover anyone, who would it be?
Joan Rivers, she would make a great Brat doll or Jem doll.

DD: What makes you laugh?
Impressions of people you know.

DD: Who was your first crush?
Leonardo DiCaprio.

DD: What was the best excuse you used to get off P.E?
Needing to tend to my acrylic nails.

DD: Recommend us a life-changing piece of art...
Pop art in general.

DD: Salted popcorn or sweet?

DD: What's your mantra?
I have so many, all positive. At the moment I’m on the delicious mantra: I only eat and drink delicious things.

DD: What's your poison?
Rum, lime and coke.

DD: What's your hidden talent?
I'm not sure they're hidden.

Douglas Irvine
Styling Emma Wyman
Hair Yumi Nakada-Dingle using Aveda
Make-Up Laura Dominique at Streeters
Models Lia Nikonova at Viva; Ollie Henderson at Next
Photographic Assistant Dennis Shklovsky
Styling Assistant Tamara Malas
Make-Up Assistants Joey Choy; Hannah Maestranzi
Hair Assistant Brooke Neilson
Digital Operator Casper Fitzhue