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Self portrait by Ibra Cisse

Model Behaviour: Ibra Cisse

We caught up with the Chechnyan model following his appearance in the August issue of Dazed & Confused

Born and raised in Chechnya, Ibra Cisse moved to Düsseldorf five years ago. Scouted by Eva Gödel for her agency Tomorrow Is Another Day, which also looks after his younger brother Sulumbek, Ibra has walked catwalks for designers including Rick Owens, Lanvin, Hardy Amies, Miharayasuhiro, Neil Barrett, Kenzo, Diesel Black Gold and Carven. He appears twice In Dazed's August issue, as part of the exclusive McQ feature, accompanied by an interview with Sarah Burton and featuring in the Tomorrow Is Another Day story, shot in his German hometown.

Dazed Digital: You appeared in both Gareth McConnell and Robbie Spencer's McQ story from Dazed's August issue and Ben Toms and Robbie Spencer's Tomorrow Is Another Day cast editorial. Do you have good memories from both shoots?
Ibra Cisse:
First of all: how cool is that? Being in two editorials in the same issue. Every shooting is a new experience because every shooting is different from each other. It's never the same. This time was kinda special because it was my first time shooting with female models.

DD: What was the last song you listened to?
Ibra Cisse:
Flo Rida – Good Feeling.

DD: Recommend us a Youtube video...
Ibra Cisse:
Charlie Bit My Finger

DD: Who was the last person you texted?
Ibra Cisse:
My girlfriend.

DD: Quiet night in or big night out?
Ibra Cisse:
Depends. But more the quiet night in guy.

DD: Favourite city?
Ibra Cisse:
I travel a lot and have seen many different places but I'm always happy to be back in Düsseldorf.

DD: Favourite food?
Ibra Cisse:
Dominican and Cuban.

DD: What makes you laugh?
Ibra Cisse:
I like people who can laugh about themselves because you can have a really good time with them.

DD: What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?
Ibra Cisse:
I'll never forget this one. Four years ago I met this old lady at a bus stop. We started talking and although we barely spoke German we were able to understand each other. She told me some stories and before she got on her bus she said “always have one face, this makes you a human being." Just recently I understood what she meant.

DD: What's your hidden talent?
Ibra Cisse:
I'm very good at reading somebody's face.

DD: What do you wear on a day off?
Ibra Cisse:
I spend A LOT of money on clothes. I like looking different than anyone else, that's why I try to wear clothes no one else has.

Photography Leon Reindl and Ibra Cisse