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Featuring the cast of Spartacus Chetwynde's Hermitos Children.

Click on the image gallery on the right for this shoot from the November issue of Dazed & Confused, including extra behind-the-scenes Polaroids, or read on for an interview with photographer Ben Toms.

Dazed Digital: What gave you the idea to work with Chetwynd?
Ben Toms: Our November issue revolves around the theme of art and I wanted to work with an artist on a fashion shoot, but actually give someone a lot of power over the final image and work with their aesthetic

DD: What is it that you admire about Chetwynd's work?
BT: I love the energy and excitement of her performances and thought it would be amazing to see high fashion involved

DD: How did the ideas come together for the shoot and what was the inspiration behind it?
BT: Spartacus informed us of her new project involving Hermitos Children. We wanted her performance to be involved within a fashion story somehow so we all thought that shooting Hermitos Children would be a great introduction for the project. Spartacus was working in Rome at the time so we shot all the looks and sent the photographs to her to collage.

Artwork: Spartacus Chetwynde
Photography: Ben Toms
Styling: Katie Shillingford
Hair and make-up: Hermitos Children using Shu Uemura
Models: The cast of Hermitos Children: Saoirse Brown, Zoe Brown, Sarah McCrory, Brian Moran, Joe Scotland, Naoko Takahashi, Mimei Strawberry Thompson.
Styling assistant: Nelma Kalonji