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Haider Ackermann S/S 09

Backstage from Paris Fashion Week.

Did anyone know that Haider Ackermann did sexy? Not smutty salope kind of sexy but a brooding sexiness that involved twists and turns in jersey and leather sliding all over the body and then sliding off where appropriate. If there was an art to the mystique of revealing clothes, Ackermann mastered as nothing ever crossed the lines of being overtly provocative and despite the amount of flesh on show, it was the way the fabric was manipulated that was the main attraction. Jersey and silk sync together and knot over each other in expert layers. Opacity is played around with to achieve the desired effect of sheer but not too sheer. The colours are kept to a dark and neutral palette of brown, grey and navy but even then sometimes they merge together as in the case of a beautifully draped dress that sees navy and brown gradiated. The decolletage is accentuated with curvy cuts at the neckline of the short zipped up jackets. The leather pieces saw Ackermann at his best purely because you never think that leather can be moulded in that way and with this material, he conveys his own version of sexy attire.