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Jeremy Scott S/S 09

"Let them Eat Gas" was the message but a cake was also covered with Scott's 18th century/80s fusion of material girls.

You sort of know what to expect at a Jeremy Scott shoow yet at the same time there's always an unexpected element. The expected consisted of loud prints, tight shapes and  winking, cheeky models. The unexpected came last night in the form of 18th century/80s fusion. Marie Antoinette, the film by Sofia Coppola rather than the historical character paved the way for a humourous play on the famous toile de jouy blue and white print which was used in dresses that flared out into quasi-mantuas and on boys; sporty shorts and jackets that made an interesting juxaposition. Dungarees from circa 1983 got doused in a floral pattern that looked like it was made for stiff upholstery. Ths fusion began to break down a little as gas pump prints in the latter half of the show looked like a visual play on that American put-down about gas station workers and polka dots and lace were also incorporated. When a model walked out working a 'Healthy' t-shirt, it got cheers from the crowd who probably thought otherwise. The finale involved a model stomping down in a short bustled wedding dress over cycling shorts and a biker jacket to Madonna's "Like a Virgin" and Jeremy Scott was perched on top of a giant wedding cake overlooking his bevy of high-haired models.