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Photography: Nicole Maria Winkler, Hair and make-u
Photography: Nicole Maria Winkler, Hair and make-up: Nami Yoshida, Model: Pace Chen

Trine Lindegaard

As quirky collector types continue to inspire the Danish designer, she talks to us about her colourful S/S12 collection

With memories of her menswear Masters degree at The Royal College of Art behind her for a little over a year, Trine Lindegaard can look back on a period of time that has seen her participate in Vauxhall Fashion Scout ‘Ones To Watch’ show with her S/S12 collection, a spot on the Vogue catwalk show listings, and has had her pieces shot for Vogue Homme Japan. Trine Lindegaard started her label straight after graduation and shares a work space with like-minded creatives in a studio just off Hackney’s Mare Street. Dazed Digital popped by to hear her out...

Dazed Digital: What have you been up to this past year?
Trine Lindegaard: 
Apart from focusing on my own label. I’ve done some freelancing. Together with one of the girls in the studio I’ve also been working on a t-shirt line. It was a test out for the two of us but, it has turned out really well. It’s called 'Move Me Shirts', simple and playful printed t-shirts that you can customize with pins. It is aimed at design shops and museum shops. I am also working on a garment in collaboration with Ventile, a company that sponsors me and which is specialized in performancewear.

DD: How have your early experiences after graduation influenced you?
Trine Lindegaard: After graduation I was approached by a couple of stores, but because of the demanding production process, I couldn’t deliver to the extent they asked for. I learned from that and as a result my S/S collection contains less knitwear and is easier and cheaper to produce. 

DD: How has starting your own label in particular been?
Trine Lindgaard:
In some ways I sometimes think I should have waited, but I also feel that if i would design for someone else it would be all on the computer, or it would be too high street or too established 

DD: Why did you choose to design menswear?
Trine Lindegaard:
When I did womenswear, I got bored with it. I ended up designing for myself, while menswear is much more challenging. In the future I would love to do a unisex line, as I think my clothes look great on girls as well! 

DD: What makes a menswear silhouette interesting in your opinion?
Trine Lindegaard:
Menswear is tricky. You are especially restricted in the silhouette, so it is more in the detailing that you can make a difference.

DD: How does that translate in your S/S12 collection?
Trine Lindegaard:
The main focuses are on colours and techniques. I designed a rough collection of pieces first. I finalizes as I go along because with embellishments it doesn’t look as well in real life as it does on paper. I like to keep it quite simple but add detail. This season I looked at rubber arts and crafts, and to people with funny hobbies and worked from there. I’m still very much inspired by the individuals that I meet, odd characters.

DD: So would that be the kind of man you design for?
Trine Lindegaard:
I’m not sure. The man – those kooky types – I have in mind don’t care about fashion – he is someone who wears what he loves and doesn’t care what people think.