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At the annual Italian fashion fair, these six talented designers were given a platform to showcase their work

WHITE, Milan’s annual fashion fair, this season carefully handpicked six designers from different fields, and showcased the young talented creative's work throughout the city’s Fashion Week. Four European designers and two local Italian ones were chosen by WHITE to show their work at the exhibition. The expo also featured a room where Dazed & Confused celebrated its 20th anniversary. But back to the design talent... remember these names as you’re likely to hear them again in the future, more likely than not showing by themselves in either Paris, Milan or London...

Augustin Teboul
Annelie Augustin and Odély Teboul, a Berlin-based Franco-German duo makes pieces mid-way between ready-to-wear and couture, entirely in black. Entitled “dreams are my reality”, their latest collection based on the pair jotting down their dreams for three months every morning; the result is a slightly surrealist mix of weaves knits and crochet, alongside silk and cotton for a eerie yet sensual result.

The whole collection was based on a single photograph of balloons flying off in the sky: screen-printed or simply following their color palette, the designer duo Tomaso Anfossi and Francesco Ferrari over a pared down, subtly feminine collection -- going for a light and playful garments for a effortless silhouette. Think plenty of flesh tones, a mix of tulle and leather, waxed cotton and chiffon silk, and a notable detachable cotton collar.

Natalia Altewai hijacked sporty materials for a feminine silhouette: think neoprene dresses, water and wind proof polyamide – yet embellished with beadings and finally embroidered. These was also a parachute-inspired crepe dress, rugby dress-shirt – all of which one wouldn’t immediately pick out the sport reference, but accidentally come across.

Natasha Talay
Inspired by Japanese watercolors and casual wear, Natasha created a line of leggings and soft t-shirt declining the floral imagery. The look, she believes, is for young people and can easily be declined into nightwear by adding a pair of heels. There were also a number of clip-on sleeves, gold shoulder pieces and capes for the boldest amongst us.

Kevin Kramp
Minneapolis-born, the Central-St-Martins graduate specialized in menswear knits. He experiences with the texture, giving a sculptural aspect to his weaves of mohair, angora and cashmere; he also explores the boundaries of men’s fashion by creating dresses and tank tops, modeled by men in stockings “there needs to something unsafe about it, that suddenly makes the actual dress the safer element,” he said.

Mirit Weinstock
Israeli jewelry designer likes to dip feathers into silver and gold; she makes entire necklaces by bringing together various metals and raffia or wooden sticks, because the “texture of those are in fact very close to knitwear”. She also makes tops with a raffia braid running through the back, mimicking the spine – exploring the convergence between nature and culture.

Photos by Arash Radpour