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Copenhagen Fashion Week S/S12: Soulland

Silas Adler's sleek but casual sportswear and tailoring was inspired by the Danish Postal Service and roses, visible in the blue and red colour palette

From a background specialising in T-shirt prints to being represented in leading stores across the world such as Goodhood and Pigalle, Silas Adler is the man behind this brand of structured craftsmanship, the Scandinavian 'Talent of the Year', and the owner of the newly opened boutique U.S Import. The S/S12 collection was presented in the headquarters of the Danish Postal Service from 1624, and featured a modern and clean cut version of sleek sportswear and casual everyday tailoring. Mainly in monochrome shades, Adler also added different tones of red and blue as a colour injections.

Dazed Digital: Where does your inspiration come from for this collection.
Silas Adler:
For this collection my inspiration came from the uniforms of the Danish postal service and roses. We have been given the honor of designing a stamp for the Danish postal service, which will released during Copenhagen Fashion Week, and since we have been working on it for about a year and a half, it was natural for us to use it as source of inspiration for our collection. The roses came as something natural to go with the postal inspiration. In Denmark you see the postal workers red jackets everywhere and I find deep red roses very interesting when they are almost burgundy red and almost dried out. 

DD: How have you grown since your last collection
Silas Adler:
Yes, we have. We have more shops on board and more awareness - particularly in the USA and Asia, which is very nice. We also opened our own store here in Copenhagen called U.S. Import, which is going very well. We sell other brands in the store as well and it's nice to get more into retail. It's a much more dynamic flow than only doing collections and dealing with the whole selling process. 

DD: Does CFW give you a good platform for International sales.
Silas Adler:
Copenhagen Fashion Week is our home turf and we love it here, but we are very conscious of the differences between Copenhagen and e.g. Paris or New York. This year we skipped our press activities in Paris because we've been working on the launch of the stamp. Paris is wonderful for meeting international press, but it's also much more cut throat. In Copenhagen we have a home field advantage and we can give our customers the full Soulland experience better than anywhere else.

DD: Tell me about the location and set up of the show. (how do they tell the story of your collection)
Silas Adler:
Our show is going to be held in the head quarters of the Danish Postal Service. The organization was founded in 1624 by King Christian IV of Denmark so there is a very special vibe and for us it's the dot over the i that we get to have our show there. The location we are using isn't accessible to the public and there has never been a fashion related event there before, so it's going to be very exiting. We are also very happy to have an original music score by Renaissance Man made specially for the show.