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Online retailer presents 'Go Architectural', a celebration of the well crafted heel

In recent years, the synergies between fashion and architecture have become even more intriguing. Both disciplines deal with creating space and volume out of flat, two dimensional materials, albeit on different scales. Advances in materials, technology and computer software have pushed the frontiers of each discipline as buildings have become more fluid and garments in turn, more architectonic. Each has been able to develop shared techniques that provide texture, form and volume in new and intriguing ways, often introducing shapes and silhouettes that confound conventional ideas of proportion and form. 

Whilst architects are adopting techniques more prevalent in dressmaking, such as printing, pleating, folding, draping and weaving, fashion designers are looking to architecture for ways to build or engineer garments which present new and provocative ideas about volume and structure. This month, Under the umbrella of 'Go Architectural', presents an awe inspiring selection of architectural heels that celebrate well engineered leather. Nicholas Kirkwood, the king of the most daring and inventive heel, is joined by structural heels by the likes of Neil Barrett, Balmain, Maison Martin Margiela 22 and Rick Owens. From Balmain's cut-out toed stiletto's to Rick Owens' textured leather wedge there is a heel for everyone and for any occasion.

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