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It Came From The Sky

Dazed's June issue featured this Robbie Spencer-styled Richard Burbridge shoot... and illustrator Maurizio Anzeri's elaborate coloured threads reworkings

Maurizio Anzeri is an Italian artist who turns vintage photographs into canvases. Using different coloured threads, he traces portraits with stitches and transforms ghost like images into eye catching, intricate designs. Anzeri’s elaborate needle-work set against somber backgrounds results in a sharp juxtaposition; and despite the history of both the technique and the images used, he produces work which treads new ground. In doing so, he challenges our attitudes towards the relevance of traditional techniques in contemporary art. We caught up with Maurizio and discussed his recent collaboration with Dazed...

Charlotte wears jumper by Diesel Black Gold; top by D&G; rings Charlotte's own

Bethany wears collar by Tom Scott; dress by Stella McCartney. Herieth wears lace dress by Meadham Kirchoff; printed dress by Versace

Dazed Digital: How did you come to work with Dazed and Confused?
Maurizio Anzeri: After meeting Robbie Spencer, we started to talk about the idea of a collaboration with Richard Burbridge. I knew Richard's work and liked the idea.

DD: Did you have any input on the images you were asked to embroider on?
Maurizio Anzeri: We discussed different options for the story, and all liked the images of last century photos of ectoplasm and medium in trans. The expressions of the faces and the atmosphere.

DD: Which is your favourite piece from the Dazed shoot and why?
Maurizio Anzeri: Herieth... because she is from the sky!

Sen wears cardigan and top by Missoni

anzeri 2
Christophe wears cardigan by Christopher Kane; shirt by Replay

DD: Did you come across any challenges in the project?
Maurizio Anzeri: Every project is a challenge, it was good to draw with threads in a different way and mixing it with embroidery.

DD: When you start a piece do you improvise? Or do you know exactly what you’re going to do?
Maurizio Anzeri: I never know what I am going to do, Once a 'conversation' starts with the piece/photo/face, things starts to happen.

DD: What do you want people to take from your work?
Maurizio Anzeri: EVERYTHING, in one moment!

DD: What is the next project you’re working on?
Maurizio Anzeri: I am preparing for a Solo Show at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art opening 25th June to 2nd October 2011 and a group show at Marlborough Chelsea NY 'Intersection' opening 23rd of June.

Miles wears jumper and t-shirt by Galliano

Dempsey wears beaded top by Opening Ceremony; dress by Miu Miu

Photography Richard Burbridge
Styling Robbie Spencer
Artwork Maurizio Anzeri
Hair Duffy at Tim Howard Managament
Make-up Francelle at Art + Commerce using NARS Cosmetics
Models Bethany at NEXT, Charlotte at IMG, Christoph at Request, Dempsey at Wilhemina,
Herieth at Women Direct, Kaan at Red, Miles at Root, Sen at Ford
Photographic Assistants Jeff Henrikson, Kim Reenberg
Styling Assistants Elizabeth Fraser-Bell, Daniel Edley
Hair Assistants Peter Matteliano, Yoko Sato
Make-up Assistants Hiroko Takada
Casting Edward Kim at House Casting