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Paul Smith is Optimistic

The British designer's latest fragrance bottles a generation's youthful energy for positive change

Sir Paul Smith is feeling cheerful and confident - and in his new fragrance he’s decided to bottle it. 'Optimistic', available in his and hers versions, captures the youthful energy of the British brand that, with wholesalers in over 30 countries world-wide, is going viral. Blending floral tenderness with fruity top notes, 'Optimistic' for her is Paul Smith’s feminine take on the inspiration. For the more masculine version, scents such as citrus, pepper and cardamom lay on top of warm woody aromas.

Blended especially to celebrate the enthusiasm and energy that Paul Smith sees around him, his latest fragrance pays homage to the youthful spirit of a new generation of innovators riding the cultural, technological and creative waves of change. We spoke to Sir Paul about the new fragrance...

Dazed Digital: What inspired the new perfume?
Paul Smith:
I wanted to create a positive statement and had the idea to develop a fragrance that bottled the spirit of optimism.

DD: Who did you have in mind when developing Optimistic?  
Paul Smith:
I was thinking about the youthful energy of the people I see around me every day.

DD: You’ve released several perfumes now – what is it you enjoy most about the process?
Paul Smith:
I love how a scent can bring back memories or transport you to a time in your life you had forgotten. I enjoy selecting the key notes that are reminiscent and evocative of a particular personal memory.

DD: Is there a perfume that is special to you and if so why?
Paul Smith:
Patchouli and Vetiver in particular take me back. Vetiver is reminiscent of fragrances I used to love when I was a teenager; the second I breathe it in I’m transported back to the 60’s. Patchouli reminds me of youth, of hours spent hanging out at Kensington Market, of ethnically-inspired fashions, of gorgeous girls wafting past in clouds of it. I have used hints of these scents in Optimistic.

Optimistic is available to buy now exclusively from Boots and nationwide from May 5, 2011