Photo story
Jazzelle Pierrot
This Pierrot-inspired photobook explores the melancholy of solitude
diy haircut trend hair isolation quarantine photos
Hair today, gone tomorrow: Photos celebrating the on-trend DIY haircut
Bex Day Seesaw
These intimate self-portraits explore the ups and downs of self-isolation
Crufts_DB__014 (1)
We went backstage at Crufts, the international dog pageant
Bushwick_vampires_ (3)_A (1)
A DIY dye job beckons: study these technicolour dream hair portraits first
Kentucky Waterfalls
Intimate portraits of the majestic mullets of Mulletfest 2020
Cheerleader by Hazel Gaskin
High ponies and hairspray: Exploring the beauty rituals of cheerleaders
fka twigs cat birthday party ed marler matthew josephs
The cat’s pyjamas: Exclusive snaps of FKA twigs’ cat-themed birthday party
Amber Pinkerton Rooted
Locals only: intimate portraits from Amber Pinkerton in Jamaica
Josh Hight
Photographer Josh Hight celebrates goth & new wave with this extreme shoot
Beauty Bar Blow photo story
Imagining a wild trip to the hairdressers at a 40s salon-slash-bar
Made Up: Celebrate bombastic, decadent beauty in this glamorous new shoot
A hazy, glamorous 80s feast by DeadHungry – the 2019 Christmas gift guide
Fedor Diakonov captures his family as ‘the monsters they really are’
Dancing on my own: Capturing dancer and model Sonya Mohova
‘You Are Not A Girl, You Are A Sword’
A visual celebration of how I conquered cancer
Etienne Saint-Denis Taylor Thoroski
Reimagining the witch for 2019
Till Janz Magic Youth
Till Janz shoots Dazed Beauty’s Magick Youth
Uri Geller
Spoon-bending mystic Uri Geller talks Juuling & Brexit with Harrie Bradshaw
Gut magazine the tanned witch
The tragic tale of a witch who tried to get a tan
Notes on a witch: Handwritten Q&As from NY’s magick believers
Skye McLaughlin cover
Real Magick: Photographer Bella Newman meets the witches of NYC
OMC Hairworld 2019
See radically creative styles from OMC Hairworld 2019, the Olympics of hair
Brooke Candy
Brooke Candy on sexual liberation, self-love, and SEXORCISM