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Dr G sun patch
Beauty TrendsMugwort, SPF patches and spatulas: These are big trends of K-Beauty 2.0
Tom Ford lipstick
SexWill our beauty routines ever be unrelated to sex?
jackson bowleyCircus is back in town: Join Jackson Bowley’s band of beauty freaks
angel cordelia
meditationCan you meditate your way to clear skin?
Basenote Bitch sweet pea
fragranceSmells like teen spirit: Basenote Bitch’s nostalgic world of retro perfumes
TikTok body checking
TikTokWhat is body checking and why is it all over TikTok?
Kendall face mask
Beauty FeatureIs gamified, livestreamed beauty the next big thing?
climate activists-5
makeupAre teenagers really hiring MUAs for school?
Stella by Stella McCartney
Stella McCartneyStella McCartney’s new skincare brand is actually really good
Chavosos by Jeff
Photo story In pictures: the artistic hairstyles of São Paulo’s young men
Jude law ai sex robot
SexThe women whose boyfriends are made out of plastic
Bijan 356 tattoos
TattoosNo ragrets! Why the only good tattoos are bad tattoos
Athena paginton carbon neutral beauty products
sustainabilityIs soil the new frontier in sustainable beauty?
SexR2-D2F? The ethics of true-to-life sex robots
vaginaCan I use my vagina for perfume? A deep dive into vabbing
News8 changemaking creatives share how fluidity shapes their art
Hyram (c) Courtesty of Selfless by Hyram5
skincareHyram opens up about his journey with eating disorders and self harm
Estrid_HumanKind_Nadine Noor_1
Queer CulturePxssy Palace’s Nadine Noor on the importance of funding queer spaces
TikTok fake news
TikTokWhy is there so much fake news on beauty TikTok?
alternative make up products food fruit vegetables flowers
sustainabilityCompostable beauty: the future of sustainability or a greenwashed buzzword?
BTS diesel fragrance
Glenn Martens Glenn Martens gives the inside scoop on his first ever fragrance for Diesel
donna trope
cosmetic surgeryThe price of beauty: Why we rack up debt to pay for cosmetic treatments
meta verse beauty
trendWhich beauty subculture will you belong to in the metaverse?
Rico Nasty
Rico NastyHow Rico Nasty crafted her avant-emo look