Beauty Feature
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Yo-yo lip filler, a dangerous plastic surgery trend, is blowing up
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Sandy Linter on ageless glamour and transforming Diana Ross and Jackie O
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Why Miley Cyrus’s 70s shag haircut is a modern Instagram obsession
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Squishy artist Daisy Collingridge wants to eradicate boring body ideals
WTF is cool sculpting and does it work?
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Euphoria, Billie Eilish, and more on-screen beauty moments to watch in 2020
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Five reasons why shoplifting beauty products might not be that bad
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Rub away anxiety with a ‘worry stone’ – the newest crystal wellness trend
We trialled AFT, the new era of laser treatment, to undo years of tanning
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Eclectic make-up artist Patrick Glatthaar gets inspiration from his nephews
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Move over body positivity, body neutrality is the new realistic movement
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Glitter glitter, everywhere: Avoid January’s blues with this sparkly trend
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How to do Veganuary via your beauty routine
Sara and Lune
‘Intuitive dry cutting’ is the new trend here to change haircuts forever
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A guide to facial feminisation surgery and why you don’t always need it
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Future forecast: Will this decade bring us life after death?
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Smells right: Why fragrance is the next step in the gender-neutral frontier
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Is 2020 the year we embrace having no beauty routine?
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From ‘fleek’ to ‘beat’ – the beauty words that defined the decade
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Shrill is the first show to accurately portray fat women’s experiences
Five of 2019’s weirdest beauty trends
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Alien eyes to elf ears: Try ten of our fave Instagram filters from 2019
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2019 was the year we put anything and everything on our faces