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Charlotte Tilbury Belly Hadid Airbrush Flawless lipsticks
Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury

Bella Hadid: ‘There is still a lot of work to do around beauty standards’

As she stars in the campaign for Charlotte Tilbury’s new liquid lipstick collection, the model opens up about the way we judge how others look and how to cope with the stresses of fashion month

Charlotte Tilbury was the only person dancing when Bella Hadid noticed her. Of course, she already knew of the make-up artist’s “gorgeous” work and reputation, but it was in that moment, as Tilbury was standing at the table next to hers and dancing when no one else was, that she realised she had found a kindred spirit. “I knew then she would be my new dance partner,” Hadid says.  

Since that moment at the Prince’s Trust Gala last summer, the two have embarked on a creative partnership, with Hadid becoming a “global beauty muse” and face of Charlotte Tilbury. “She is such a light in how she connects with people and how she invites collaboration, it’s such a special experience to be sharing ideas and working so closely and creatively with her,” says Hadid. “We always have so much fun when we are together – her energy is magnetic and our connection is so strong.” 

Now, the model is starring in the campaign for the brand’s latest lipstick release, the Airbrush Flawless Lip Blur. A matte liquid lipstick, the collection draws on the same smoothing and blurring effects found in the other Airbrush Flawless products like foundation and face powder. Tilbury first conceived of the idea backstage at shows and on set as she was mixing concealers and powders trying to get a blurred, soft-focus look, and now she has extended that concept to liquid lipsticks, which can often be quite drying and creasing.

The lipsticks will debut on the brand’s new app which launched last week and utilises AI and deep learning to shade match and give personalised skincare regimens, as well as affirmations, tutorials and exclusive content. The app is Hadid’s current beauty obsession, so she says. “I’ve been able to learn so much from Sofia [Tilbury] and Charlotte and [the app] is like having all the beauty hacks in one place,” she says. “Charlotte and I share an interest in using technology to innovate and push the boundaries of creativity, it was a really special reason why I was excited for us to partner.” 

Dazed Beauty caught up with Hadid for some quickfire questions about why her mum is her beauty inspiration, staying sane during fashion month and finding beauty from within.

Who is your ultimate lipstick inspiration?

Bella Hadid: My mom, Yolanda. She showed me all the different versions of natural nudes since I was young. I laugh now because I used to look at her lipsticks and think they all looked the same, but now that I have my own I can understand how special each specific lipstick colour is to a person.

With fashion month approaching, what is your go-to technique to make sure you feel your best, even when you are so busy?

Bella Hadid: I think it’s more so about just listening to yourself and what your mind and body need at that moment. It can be a moment of quiet, a social media detox, a walk, etc. Honour wherever your intentions lie for that day. I like to zone out in cooking a good meal for the people I love, spending time alone to align and balance myself, or be with my animals in nature. 

You’ve spoken recently about inner beauty and prioritising non-appearance compliments. How do you balance that while working in an industry that is focused so much on appearance? 

Bella Hadid: I think there is still a lot of work we need to do surrounding beauty standards within our society, as well as judgement surrounding the way people look. Beauty comes from within, so the best way to express inner beauty is through love and compassion. When you’re gentle and nice to yourself, that radiates through.

How does make-up play into this? Do you find it “empowering”? 

Bella Hadid: I find creativity and self-expression beautiful and empowering. Make-up can be an incredible tool to express both of those things. It is an outlet for many, including myself. I try to find the beauty in everything I do and everyone I encounter. I love that Charlotte and her products help people feel how I always see them to be, which is simply beautiful.

What is your favourite and least favourite part of your beauty routine? 

Bella Hadid: What I love about lipstick is that it can instantly make you feel more confident, or more sexy – or more of whatever it is you want to express that day – and that is so empowering! 

I’ve always loved experimenting with lip looks, but Charlotte’s new Airbrush Flawless Lip Blur has quickly become my go-to, I’m obsessed because every colour I try on makes me feel like a different version of myself and I can wear them blurred or bold to get a different finish, so whether its an off-duty day or work day they are just perfect to pull my look together. I don’t know that I have a least favourite part, I keep it pretty simple and if there’s something I don’t like, I probably just won’t do it!

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