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Taurus season horoscope may 2023
Illustration by Gabrielle Rosenstein

Horoscope May 2023: get ready for breakups, breakdowns and breakthroughs

On May 5, a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio will help us lay emotional obsessions to rest and what isn’t meant for us will become starkly obvious

May starts off hot and heavy, as Spring kicks off smack dab in the middle of eclipse season and a Mercury retrograde. The Sun radiates in sensual, artistic sign of Taurus, tuning our focus toward beauty of the natural and material. Although our artistic temperaments may be enhanced, changes await, as this month highlights issues of bodily autonomy, changes in global power structures and shifts in values. On the 1st of the month, the Sun meets messenger planet Mercury, currently retrograde in Taurus, bringing us “aha” moments, powerful insights, and lightning-fast information. On the 2nd, Pluto stations retrograde, beginning its regression into Capricorn. We may see some old power structures resurface, as we revisit themes of hierarchical rulership. It may feel like we are revisiting the past, with a fresh set of eyes. Although Taurus is a stubborn sign, focused on the comfortable essentials, change awaits. May is a call to embrace what makes us feel beautiful, and become embodied warriors of truth and justice. 

For over two years, we have been in cycles of purging the shadow elements of Scorpio: addiction, fear, secrecy, codependency and toxic dynamics that seek control over love. With the North Node in Taurus, we have all been encouraged to focus on our own values, self-worth and physical bodies. Expect these issues to reach an intense climax on the 5th of the month, when a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio concludes our journey through these lessons, helping us lay some emotional baggage and obsessions to rest. Lunar Eclipses bring break-ups, breakdowns and breakthroughs, and we can expect what isn’t meant for us to become starkly obvious. New relational standards are being set for everyone.

On May 7, Venus enters Cancer, joining Mars in Cancer, amplifying our desire to find home, safety and security. Our sensitivity is highlighted, as is our desire to find those who match our values, and are capable of emotional reciprocity. We favour empathic connections over those that are entertaining, and are encouraged to lean into our feelings. After all, it is how we make good art. Jupiter amplifies our artistic temperaments when it enters Taurus on the 16th, inciting a 13 month period of increased pleasure, material abundance, and revitalised values. It is a renaissance of the material and physical, ensuring that whilst we live in a digitised age, presence and embodiment comes first.

On the 14th of the month Mercury stations direct, followed by Mars’ movement into Leo. We are making bold moves, eager to express our creative outlooks and get into egoic rebuttals. Mars in Leo means we are led by love or the limelight in no congruent order, and God help anyone who stands in our way. Gemini season kicks off on the 21st, and the season of the Twins makes us inquisitive storytellers, encouraged to learn and explore.