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Zia benefit benetint blush lip stain
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Benetint: the OG liquid blush that gives the perfect rosy glow

Dazed’s Zia Potgieter shares why she loves the Benefit Cosmetics cult lip and cheek stain, and why it is perfect for all occasions

This is Product of the Week – a weekly round-up of the Dazed Beauty team and wider community’s must-have buys.


Brand: Benefit
Product: Benetint Lip Stain & Liquid Blush Tint
Price: £17.50


I don’t remember how I first came across Benetint because I’ve been using it forever, and think I will be for the rest of my days. I skipped the whole YouTube make-up tutorial era but my younger sister was all over it and I think she must’ve found it from Zoella or Tanya Burr. Throwback! I was 16 when I first started using it and I’m now 24 so it’s really the longest and most committed relationship I’ve had.

I love Benetint. I use it practically every day. It’s so quick and I can use it on my face and lips. It’s also long-lasting; it takes me a few months to get through a bottle. I can layer it as much as I like and with other products over the top. I switch up my face make-up a lot – sometimes I wear foundation, sometimes only concealer, sometimes in summer just moisturiser and tan. Benetint works and compliments all of those combos.

The way I use it is: after I’ve moisturised and put my face base on, I dab some across my cheeks and nose. Then I paint some on my lips, leave it to stain, and add lipgloss over the top. It’s great if you’re hanging and your face is looking a little grey and lifeless – just dabbing some on really brightens your complexion and just gives you a rosy glow. It’s also a dream in summer as it looks cracking with a tan.

It’s perfect for layering, too: you can use as much or as little as you like, and it’s super easy to top up if you’re needing a refresh. They also have so many different shades. I have been using the same rose shade since I was 16 and have never felt the need to stray, but maybe one day I will try the Gogotint or the Chachatint as I love the look of them.


If this product was a TV show it would be... The Vampire Diaries as it’s timeless. It never gets old.

If I were communicating to an alien only using hand gestures, I would describe it by... Blowing a kiss.

If this product was one of the astrological signs it would be... It’s giving big Aries energy. Bold and ambitious, she stands out and gets the job done.

The fictional character who would use this product is... All of the Derry girls.