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Horoscope March 2023: get ready for a legendary month

With Saturn entering Pisces and Pluto entering Aquarius – two signs known for their absurdity – expect some unusual and historical historical events

March signifies massive celestial turning points, as we enter a new astrological year, and the outer planets push us into a new era. Expect unusual, otherworldly historical events, as Saturn, planet of systems and restrictions, moves into dreamy Pisces on the 7th. Serious Saturn has spent three years in Aquarius, since the pandemic, reminding us of our commitment to our communities. In Pisces, Saturn dissolves collective illusions, and reminds us of the importance of spiritual matters, amping up our inutuition and encouraging us to master our emotions. Powerful Pluto is moving into Aquarius on the 27th, after spending 15 years in Capricorn. Pluto is our generational shadow-work, and in the sign of the water-bearer, we are examining issues that apply to everyone, advancements in technology, and an exposure of hidden things. There might not be an AI takeover or alien visitation, but both Pisces and Aquarius are known for their absurdity and otherworldly appetite, so March promises to be a legendary month. 

With Mercury in Pisces for the first portion of the month, we are feeling, more than thinking.  It’s the season of new beginnings, and we start off the month with a conjunction on the 2nd between Venus and Jupiter in Aries, expanding our appetites for new beginnings and promising to be a day of luck and pleasure. Venus in Aries is keen to assert her independence, and wants us to be bold in our pursuits. This is the perfect day to reclaim lost confidence and commit to our sense of self-love. We might be eager to send a risky text, or assert our emotions proudly. On the 7th of the month, following Saturn’s ingress into Pisces, we are graced by a full Moon in Virgo. This highlights our mind-body connection and encourages us to examine our habits and daily rituals. How can we be more grounded and regimented, even in the face of collective shifts? What do we need to release from our daily routine? How can we clear the clutter? 

The astrological new year begins on the 20th, when Aries Season begins, initiating a brand new cycle of astrological energies. The Sun in Aries provides us with a fiery jolt of confidence and we are bold, bursting with god-given impulsivity. A New Moon on the 21st in the sign of the Ram encourages us to answer the age-old question: What do I want? Use this date to focus on your passions, as in this upcoming era, anything is possible.