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June 2022 horoscope: Gemini season brings hunger for experience and gossip

On June 14, a Full Moon in Sagittarius amplifies our sense of wanderlust and desire to explore new world views

Grace McGrade is an intuitive astrologer and host of the podcast “Bitchcraft: Spirituality for Bad People.” Her sessions include natal chart readings, transit readings, energetic clearings, and tarot readings

Congratulations if you survived last month’s astrological whirlwind. After the eclipse hangovers, mercury retrograde and a messy Taurus season, June is a welcome change of pace. We start off the month with the Sun in chatty Gemini. The sign of the Twins is known for its love of information, gossip, and desire for exploration. In Gemini season, we can act like teenagers, hungry for experiences that tell an interesting story, rather than provide us with the safety we were looking for in Taurus season. We may have to do things twice, particularly as Mercury is still retrograde until June 3. Mercury safely leaves his shadow zone and enters Gemini by the 14th, switching gears and encouraging us to inspect the stories we are telling about our lives.

On the 6th of the month, Saturn – planet of obstacles, authority and boundaries – stations retrograde, lightening the mood and encouraging us to reevaluate our sense of authority and boundaries. War God Mars moved into Aries at the end of May, revitalising our sense of mission and drive. We have a restored sense of physical energy and purpose which is amplified by Mars’ close proximity to Jupiter during the first week of June. We can be a bit combative, brash and eager to get our personal needs met, even if it means ruffling a few feathers. Venus – planet of relationships – is in her home turf in Taurus at the beginning of June. Venus in Taurus wants us to curate and cultivate more beauty in our lives. We can be a bit stubborn and resistant to making changes in our personal relationships, until the 23rd, when Venus enters the sign of the Twins. 

On June 14, a Full Moon in Sagittarius amplifies our sense of wanderlust and desire to explore new world views. Here, we are surrendering old beliefs, dogmas and ideas that hinder our growth. We may be opinionated and loud, eager to divulge our outlooks with others and exchange lofty rebuttals. This is a good date for a friendly philosophical debate, but overindulgence should be avoided. 

The Sun enters the soft, intuitive waters of Cancer on the 21st, adjusting our emotional climate to one of greater empathy and compassion. We are hyper-aware of emotional reciprocity – both lapses of support and the fulfilment of needs in our dynamics with others. We are eager to find safety, nurturing, and comfort, retreating to our home spheres and tending to our internal landscapes. With the Sun touring its way through the sensitive sign of the Crab, we are focused on family, the home, and our early upbringings, eager to find a semblance of nurturing and safety. We culminate the month with a New Moon in Cancer on the 29th, encouraging us to set intentions for our dream homes, and using our emotions to pull more “feel good” experiences towards us. It is time to cosy up and watch a movie that brings up happy nostalgic feelings.