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PC Music affiliate Yeule’s perfume will protect you against demonic summons

The ‘scented software for non-binary cyborgs’ also claims to be effective against unrequited love and dissociative episodes

Ahead of their sophomore album Glitch Princess next year, Singapore-born, London-based artist Yeule has unveiled a promotional perfume that claims to be effective against unrequited love, demonic summons, disassociated episodes, and more.

Described as “scented software for non-binary cyborgs”, Coded features hints of smoked bergamot, pink pepper, white flowers, patchouli, cedarwood, iris root, and musks. It’s made in collaboration with genderfluid perfumery Urania’s Children and comes in a limited run of 300 bottles.

The PC Music affiliate – also known as Nat Çmiel – announced the drop on social media along with a string of promotional images, accompanied by sound design courtesy of Mura Masa. 

“The 𝐜𝕠𝔡e̴̹̦̬̣̰͕̤̞͈̘̎͌̽͝ ® is an assimilation essence; the transient, bottled ethos of Yeule. The 𝐜𝕠𝔡e̴̹̦̬̣̰͕̤̞͈̘̎͌̽͝ ® consolidates the fragmented self into one, complete whole. The 𝐜𝕠𝔡e̴̹̦̬̣̰͕̤̞͈̘̎͌̽͝ ® works as a cure-all for humanistic symptoms inhibiting neurological performance caused by persona splits, conditional multiplicity, and/or the fragmentation of the soul,” read a cryptic description.

According to Yeule, side effects include the hallucination of multiple bodied selves (up to six), though they maintain that these bodies are only temporary and will dissipate after your “first dimensional jump”.

“This yeule, Inc. product contains 6.24 per cent g mol of yeule’s essence. Users in contact with the 𝐜𝕠𝔡e̴̹̦̬̣̰͕̤̞͈̘̎͌̽͝ ® shall metabolise the liminal contents prescribed, reforming neural links by bonding familiarities of Yeule's enigma,” they added. “The user will synthetically fuse with yeule's memories, and relive all facets of them through the essence. Do not be afraid.”

Last month, Yeule released the music video for “Friendly Machine’, the third single from Glitch Princess. The album, announced in October, is slated to release on February 4, 2022 via Bayonet Records.

In September, the artist released a five-hour-long ambient/industrial track featuring production by PC Music’s Danny L Harle – listen here.

Find out more about Coded on Yeule’s website.