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Not Another Intl: FACES 02
Courtesy of Not Another Intl

Watch an intimate film exploring Ireland’s beauty evolution

FACES, a short film from Dublin-based creative management and production company Not Another Intl, spotlights the agency's unique cast of models in a changing Ireland

Dublin-based creative management agency and production company Not Another Intl’s short film, titled FACES, is a testament to Ireland’s percolating social landscape. Directed by Saorla Houston and produced by Not Another Intl, the two-and-a-half minute film champions the diverse experiences and identities of a modern Ireland – as told by a portfolio of the agency’s unique talent, spanning all ages, ethnicities, and identities.

“For me, modeling is about pushing boundaries,” says model Mark Gilleran in the opening line of the film. “I try to change people’s minds, not conform to what people expect to see on the screen.” 

Through kaleidoscopic angles and intimate interviews, FACES spotlights eight of the agency’s new board of models as they share thoughts about their heritage, insecurities growing up, modeling, and hopes for a more diverse Ireland. “The landscape, culture and population of Ireland has changed considerably in recent years, and is constantly evolving,” Not Another Intl says. “Yet this evolution is rarely seen, depicted or illustrated correctly in the creative output of the country.”

“Not Another Intl was founded six years ago on this principle. To showcase what we saw around us and to bring the industry into the new age. The FACES board is the latest evolution of this.”

In the film, Debbie opens up about her personal experience growing up in Ireland. “Obviously being Black in a predominantly white country, that was tough for me growing up,” she says. Meanwhile, Sinead reflects on her younger self. “I guess when I was younger, I always wanted to conform and have straight hair,” she says, while proudly displaying her curls. “It was a different phase of my life.” 

“It is absolutely vital we ensure Ireland is a place that advocates and stands for diversity, ensuring (that) people feel welcomed and championed here” – Not Another Intl

“A lot of people look at me and stare and have the worst expression or ideas about me,” says Hispanic and Indian model Venus Patel, commenting on their experience living in Dublin. Later on, the model lists what they love about themselves, stating: “Funky, colourful, and fairy-like.”

Towards the end of the film, Ayo explains how they tackle insecurities. “It’s kind of just attacking (it) head on, letting myself define how I want to be perceived and not letting how other people perceive me influence what I know I am,” they say. Afterwards, Dara explains his own notion of beauty. “(It’s) beyond a physical thing, not even in terms of standards, but it’s beyond how we appear,” he says. “It’s who we are, it’s what we do in this life that we’re given.”

Not Another Intl is incisive about the potency of these stories, as well as their ability to create changes in the modeling industry on par with Ireland’s constantly evolving culture and the global fashion landscape. “It is absolutely vital we ensure Ireland is a place that advocates and stands for diversity, ensuring (that) people feel welcomed and championed here,” they say, explaining that brands and agencies share a duty in showcasing the country’s diverse talent, educating others, and creating dialogues that broadens the common consciousness.

“This film is a celebration,” they add. “It’s true essence is honouring diversity as something authentic and beautiful... And for those who ever personally felt the need to conform in order to feel like they belonged here – to know that this is a celebration of them.” 

Watch FACES above, and check out Not Another Intl’s new FACES board here

Talent Ayo, Dara, Debie, Mark, Mishi, Sinead, Tommy, Venus, director Saorla Houston, editor Georgie Daley, production: Not Another Intl, creative producer: Seodhna Murphy, sound Peter Tsatsamis, colourist Megan Lee, DOP Evan Barry, VHS: Jordy Nzale, 1st AC Laurent Murray, 2nd AC Susanne Evers, hair Jake Ryan, make-up Ruth Brophy using Shiseido, styling Katie Ruby Robinson