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Beauty Horoscope: Libra

September 2021 horoscope: spruce up your self care this Virgo season

The sign of the healer draws our attention to the areas we seek improvement, wellness, and service

September kicks off in pragmatic Virgo Season, where we are ready to embody the self love Leo season emphasised by taking healthy action. Virgo, the sign of the healer, draws our attention to the areas we seek improvement, wellness, and service. Virgo’s grounded nature encourages us to turn our focus to our daily routines and spruce up the self care. Virgo’s are known for their ability to notice everything, and be naturally oriented to growth. This means it’s time to refine the details of the day-to-day, and get organised. Whether we are turning our backs on unhealthy relationships, or committing to taking more steps for our health, this season ensures that we infuse our routines with more cleanliness. 

The last New Moon of the summer occurs on September 6, encouraging all signs to set personal intentions towards healing. Use this date to commit to your to-do list and call in a brighter future. On September 10, pleasure planet Venus moves from her station in Libra into sultry seductive Scorpio. Here, we have an appetite for deeper intimacy and intensity with our fellows. We are no longer satiated by superificality, and instead seek conversations and connections that transform us. 

On September 14, War God Mars enters the sign of Libra, encouraging us to restore imbalances in reciprocity with our fellows. We are motivated by finding fairness and justice, and quick to react to perceived lacks of balance in relationships. On September 20, a full Moon in Pisces helps us surrender old emotional baggage and tune into our spiritual centers. 

Libra season begins on September 22, and we are prompted to turn our focus to relationships, and restoring balance and harmony in our environments. Libra, ruled by Venus, is the sign of the lovers, so will bode an air of romance for all 12 signs. However, caution should be exercised, as the month culminates with Mercury retrograding through Libra on September 27. Here, we are encouraged to find peace in our communication style, and revisit old dynamics that need loose ends tied up. Unfinished conversations are revisited, and we can expect a text or two from an ex.