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Leo season 2021

August 2021 horoscope: Leo season gives us a propensity to be dramatic

The month of the lion gives us an appetite for theatrics, welcoming fun, and encourages all signs to embrace what makes them special

August begins with the sun radiating in it’s home sign of the Lion, and we are animated, playful, and expressive. We have graduated out of the sensitive, home-oriented sign of the Crab, and we are ready to abandon our reservations and see and be seen. Leo season gives us an appetite for theatrics and encourages all signs to embrace what makes them special and welcome fun. Leo teaches us self-confidence and passion, and bestows a fun-loving romantic attitude towards all. Here, we may have a propensity to be dramatic, and our desire to express can ruffle some feathers. This month puts a spotlight on our relationship to self, and we are urged to examine how we embrace our personal identities.

In the week leading up to the Leo New Moon, rebel planet Uranus squares to Venus and the Sun, encouraging us to embrace change in our relationships. Here, we can suspect rapid change in our connections, and those that don’t match up to our sense of identity can be put to the test. Uranus is wanting us to experience awakening and his electrifying energy can bring in sudden connections as well as brush away outdated ones. The New Moon in Leo on the 8th is an opportunity to set intentions for our creative expression, career goals, and romantic pursuits. 

Mars moves into Virgo for the month of August, and we are called to take pragmatic steps that suit our physical well being. This is the time to take strides of betterment in areas of health and daily routine. Here we can be precise and perfectionistic to a fault, and on the 11th, when Mercury accompanies Mars in Virgo, our thinking patterns are highlighted, as we become more aware of small details and organizational hiccups. This is a good time to embody the Leo’s gift of self-love by taking embodied actions. 

Pleasure planet Venus enters home sign Libra on the 16th, and we have the chance to restore balance and harmony to our relationships and environments. Here, we have an artistic sensibility and proclivity for diplomacy in all our affairs. We are choosing peace over theatrics, and encouraged to be social. 

The Aquarius Full Moon on the 22nd brings group and community matters into focus, as we collectively examine what global changes need to be addressed for the betterment of all. Themes of humanitarianism and activism are highlighted, as we all feel the call of a global mission. The same day, the Sun enters Virgo, emphasizing the pursuit of healing for all signs.