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my chemical romance emo makeup collection hipdot
Gerard Way

Emos rejoice! My Chemical Romance is dropping a make-up collection

Time to perfect the Gerard Way eyeliner look, we guess

So far, 2020 has seen many unlikely people getting into the beauty game  – recently including Martha Stewart and her range of CBD gummies, Real Housewives icon Lisa Rinna’s eponymous line of lip kits, and Pharrell’s new age-defying skincare brand Humanrace. Now joining that list is My Chemical Romance, who is collaborating with make-up brand HipDot

The band first teased the news via cryptic messages on social media, posting a short clip of a burning rose with the captions ‘Eyes’ and ‘Here's a hint... COMING SOON’ – prompting fans to speculate a MCR x HipDot beauty collab is in the works. The only other clue in the video was the audio, which included a clip from the band’s song, “Give ‘Em Hell Kid”, off their classic 2004 album Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

Today, the beauty brand solved the mystery – officially announcing the release of the HipDot x My Chemical Romance limited edition make-up collection. Inspired by the Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge album art, the collection features a double sided liquid liner, eyeshadow brush, and nine-shade eyeshadow palette full of dark red, purple, silver, and black shades.

Perhaps this means it’s time to revive MCR’s classic smudgy black eyeliners and deathly pale face make-up? Or maybe try out a tasteful look to pair with a side fringe circa the early noughties? Either way, it’s definitely a moment of rejoice for emo kids everywhere.

The HipDot x My Chemical Romance collection is available online here from tomorrow (December 10).