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Life is getting darker and more sensual: the November 2020 beauty horoscope

A seeker of truth, Scorpio season brings depth, passion, as well as clarity and a clearer headspace – see what the month ahead holds for you

November begins in the sensual sign of Scorpio, prompting us to dig deeper after the upheaval of October. We are prompted to follow the feelings below the surface, and embrace our desire for intimacy. Scorpio pertains to where we share energy with others, and we are encouraged to go down into the underworld and inspect what we share with our nearest and dearest. As always with Scorpio season, our attention turns towards things with a darker hue, and we are beckoned to share our more hidden attributes, and get closer to those we love. 

This is a time for great and lasting change, as we allow the accumulation of experiences of 2020 to erode away all that is not essential for our wellbeing. As we travel through the sign of the Scorpion, power dynamics are highlighted, and we are asked to abandon the desire to control others, and instead choose to be vulnerable, open and honest. As always with the sign of the Scorpion, we are hungry for truth.  Scorpio season pulls the truth out of us from the underworld, where we can expect deep insights and find a hidden wealth of strength. Relationship themes permeate in November, as we look to experience depth and passion in our connections with others.

On November 3, Mercury, currency retrograding through Libra, stations direct, breeding some clarifying conversations and giving us a clearer headspace. Our minds are set on finding balance and harmony on our relationships, and we are conscientious of the opinions and mindsets of others, hoping to find middle ground. On November 12, Jupiter and Pluto return to the degree point in Capricorn they occupied in January, when we first caught wind of the coronavirus, and also in June, during the BLM protests. This date, give or take a few days, promises global developments, perhaps in relation to those we look up to for authority in governance and power. On November 14, war planet Mars, which has been retrograding in Aries since September, stations direct. We can expect some added fuel to our fire and pep in our step. Our ambition and drive is back, and all the delays and stagnation of this year conclude, projecting us into a quicker pace. We are granted a clearer sense of direction and purpose. We are restored, energised, and ready to apply our movements and focus towards the battles ahead. 

The month ends in the optimistic sign of  Sagittarius, giving us a light in the dark, after the intensity of Scorpio. Sagittarius season imbues our day-to-day with a sense of adventure and drives us to seek meaning, as well as find a higher vantage point when looking at the global developments at play. A Full Moon Eclipse in dualistic and chatty Gemini on November 30 ends the month on a changing note, as we are pulled to inspect our intake of data and how we share our perspective. As always, with eclipses, our timelines are privy to shift, and we experience big endings and big beginnings. We may be eager to “eclipse out” those around us who don’t share a similar perspective. Use this as a time to clean up your phone or make some commitments around your intake of media. We have the opportunity here to make some lasting changes to our perspective, and permanently rid ourselves of all that clouds our thinking and communication.