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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has brought back his OG Justin Bieber haircut

Time is a flat circle

After a brief but memorable phase as a Post Malone impersonator – complete with face tattoos, dodgy hair and a dodgier moustache – Justin Bieber has come full circle and debuted a swoopy-fringed, sandy brown style that falls into his eyes just so.   

That’s right, Bieber has returned to his roots and revealed his very own Justin Bieber haircut.  

Back in 2010, the pop wunderkind became known for his shiny, side-swept, flicked-fringe hair. The style then outgrew the need for its host, becoming bigger than the star himself so that even after he cut his hair the style has forever since been known as Bieber hair.

Now, after not having sported his signature style in almost a decade following a fall out of fashion – except in lesbian circles where it remains a beloved Alternative Lifestyle Haircut favourite – Bieber is once again rocking the swoopy Justin Bieber cut.

Debuting the style earlier this month in the DJ Khaled music video for new single “Popstar”, the haircut is strikingly similar to his old style although with time it has evolved into a gently tousled version with soft curls. Rather than veer off to the side with a flick, this updated look curls upwards from all sides, so that Biber resembles a modern day cherub who maybe surfs sometimes.

As you would expect, fans of the singer are Very Excited about this turn of events which have brought up a lot of nostalgia for “Baby”-era Justin particularly the return of the hair flick. “justin bieber doing the hair flip in 2020. THAT'S THE TWEET,” wrote @flatlinejailey while @bizzleslust tweeted alongside a crying emoji “justin bieber with his famous hair flip is a blessing.”