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Abby Roberts
courtesy of Abby Roberts

TikTok star Abby Roberts has a new weekly YouTube series coming

Expect mind-blowing transformations and lots of special guest appearances

TikTok superstar Abby Roberts has seen a meteoric rise over the last year, racking up over 10 million followers who have been mesmerised by her imaginative pop culture transformations. And now the make-up artist and Dazed 100-er is bringing her creative talents to YouTube where she will be starring in her very own weekly show.

Roberts’s videos have always forgone the prescriptive aesthetic of previous generations of tutorials, prizing creative expression over achieving a perfect look and this long-form series will be no different. Expect all the out-of-the-box transformations she’s known for, alongside special guest appearances from beauty industry stars and maybe even a peek into her life behind the scenes as she makes the move from Leeds to Los Angeles. “I want it to be entertainment as well as beauty because beauty has been done so many times,” Roberts says of her hopes for the new show. “I really want it to be something different and to stand out from the rest.” 

Keeping the same vibe and humour that brought her so many fans on TikTok, Roberts says the series will bridge the gap between the two platforms, introducing the fast-moving trends of TikTok onto the more mainstream YouTube. The longer videos will also allow her fans to get to know her more intimately, something Roberts is looking forward to. “TikTok, as personal and as funny as it is, is still really short videos,” she explains. “YouTube is much longer form so people are gonna really get to know my personality, which I'm excited to share with people.”

Teaming up with entertainment network Kyra to help produce the series, Roberts is keen for the chance to expand her content beyond the studio and take her work into the outside world. And while we’ve not been given any hints just yet on who we can expect to pop up on the show, Roberts definitely has her wish list – namely her idols Billie Eilish and Lana Del Rey. “Sometime in the future, fingers crossed!” she laughs. “I dream of working with them one day.” 

While we wait for the travel restrictions to ease and Roberts to get the chance to safely make her move to America so she can start filming already, read our pop quiz with the star to find out everything you have ever wanted to know about her here.