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Miley Cyrus

Watch Miley Cyrus predict the return of the mullet back in 2008

Keep that mullet content coming

It turns out that Miley Cyrus is not just a mullet purveyor, she is also a mullet prophet.

These past few months of lockdown have coincided perfectly with the mullet renaissance and we couldn’t be more grateful – it is the ideal isolation haircut. Now, Cyrus has shared proof that she predicted the trend way back in 2008.

Cyrus, a direct descendant of one of the best mullets in the business, kicked off the mullet revival back in January with a shaggy 70s version of the style. In isolation this was updated into a full-on Joe Exotic-esque look and then last week Cyrus’s mum Trish gave her a choppy pixie cut with the help of a virtual Sally Hershberger.

Yesterday, Cyrus posted a throwback clip from the archives in which the singer discusses why the mullet will make its return alongside the caption, “The mullet is officially back when ‘08 Miley says so..... perioTTTTT.” The interview, which took place over ten years ago, sees the presenter ask Cyrus whether she thinks the mullet will ever make a comeback. Cyrus replies: “It’s kind of like getting in, honestly – if it’s edgy. Not like the country version but if it’s edgy, spiky and I think it’s actually kind of cool and I think it’s starting to come back.” Amen.

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