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Tiktok sock curling
courtesy of TikTok/@saracarstens and @katesal693

Sock hair curling is TikTok’s latest viral beauty hack

It’s easy, effective and won’t damage your hair

You can learn a lot of new things on TikTok. How to make your lips bigger using only eyelash glue, what the purpose of purple shampoo is (and what it is not), and whatever is going on here.

And now, thanks to the latest viral trend, we’ve learnt the secret to getting luscious curls without using any hair damaging heat and it’s not what you would expect. It’s socks.

All you need is damp hair which you separate into sections and then weave a sock into a crisscross pattern. After the hair has dried, you pull out of the sock to reveal flawless ringlets. It’s simple and effective and the trick has spread through the TikTok land with the hashtag #SockCurls hitting over 33 million views with hundreds of videos of girls trying out the trick. 


because a few of you asked me how I do my sock curls 😇 ##foryou ##trend ##sockcurls ##tutorial

♬ ROXANNE - Arizona Zervas

The videos have proved immensely popular with people seemingly unable to get enough of the trend. User @saracarstens’s video sharing the method, for example, has a very impressive 3.3 million views, while @katesal693's tutorial has racked up 2.8 million views and @allisonnkayyy’s real-life Disney princess hair 427,000 views.

This technique is definitely not new and has been used in some variation for hundreds of years with foam rollers or strips of fabric. But now TikTok is now bringing this age-old method to a new generation of girls who can leave their curlers at the door.

See some of the best videos below.


An official tutorial on how to do the sock curls for all my girlies out there—- AND THEY LITERALLY LAST DAYS 🚫🧢 ##fyp ##foryou ##sockcurls

♬ original sound - katesal693

It actually worked!! I literally love it!! ##foryoupage ##fyp ##sockcurls

♬ HBS - Lil Keed

YALL IT WORKED THEY CAME OUT SO PRETTY ##fyp ##foryou ##sockcurls

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