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Big love energy: 8 of the best wellness Valentine’s Day gifts

Platonic, romantic, self-love – they’re all equally important so celebrate them all this year

Dazed Beauty Wellness Editor Emilia Ortiz is the no bullshit, Brooklyn-based bruja, spiritual advisor, creative, mental health advocate, motivational speaker, empath, Fairy Godmother you’ve been waiting for. Passed down to Emilia through the generations of her Puerto Rican lineage, Brujeria encompasses various indigenous forms of spirituality and witchcraft practices used by Latin American, Caribbean, and African peoples. Harnessing her spiritual gift, Emilia decided to turn her attention to mental health guidance – something she felt she never had access to growing up – and set up her own self-care platform, Sprititual Mami.

February 14 (AKA Valentine’s Day) can be a day filled with many things – pink, red, stress, pressure, anxiety, loneliness, insecurity, plus a plethora of FOMO-inducing images on social media. Growing up, I was taught that platonic valentines, or being your own valentine, are just as sacred as the romantic kind. As I was often single on the day, my parents and other family members were my valentines and I was my homegirl’s valentine in high school. This is one way that the holiday has evolved – emphasising the many different kinds of love.

There is a spectrum of loving energy being channelled. When considering colour magic, red is often related to passion, lust, love, sex. Pink can be associated with the same energy but usually in a softer form. White can be used in place of any color but also has its own vibration of openness, peace and softness. As we work with these colours, we’re inviting in those energies. I felt it important to share gift and activity ideas for your day that speak to that sentiment. No matter your love style, your own personal touch is what really makes them.


Prayer candles are a shared practice that can help call in the energies you want, therefore gifting one is akin to gifting that energy (amor) to your friend, partner, etc. Even if it just ends up serving as a decorative reminder of their place in your life (Bae). You can even remind them of their power with the ‘Poder’ candle if you know that they will have a hard time around this day.

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You sit down, place your palms on a machine while having a Polaroid taken. Your aura is photographed and you receive a reading about what is going on – things you went through, are currently going through, and what is to come. Do it with a friend or partner to document and honor yourself. My favourite place to go is Magic Jewelry, the OGs of this.


We can find ourselves stressing about this day, so giving someone a bundle of calming lavender can help with the vibes. They can use it to cleanse their space and self – remind them to open the windows so the air can escape. If it’s about assisting their mood with aromatherapy over space cleansing for them, a bundle of lavender can work either way.

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Sometimes we feel that we don’t have the words to express our feelings but songs do. Certain songs also make us feel the way we do when we’re with a certain someone. Share that via the many streaming options we have now or create a Soundcloud mix. It’s a lot easier than making a mixtape, and the effort and sentiment of making it yourself aren’t lost.


Gift someone or yourself a gift of connection. For many, colour is a part of everyday life and it can be a helpful tool when connecting to our emotions and more. This deck helps by breaking things down in a digestible way. They or you can use the deck to check in with yourself, and each one comes with a mini guidebook. 

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It’s a simple, timeless act that will never go out of style. We often gush over people keeping love letters and how that doesn’t seem to be done anymore. Let’s bring it back. If you don’t want to use paper, get creative with your medium of choice. The possibilities are endless. If you do this for yourself, and you can’t write what you love about yourself, write what you would want someone to write to you.


Many of us now have an understanding of our own birth chart, and the people we get involved with (via horoscopes). By gifting this particular book, you’re giving the recipient an even better understanding of how that knowledge relates to love, sex, and the signs to utlise as they please.

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Food security is not something everyone has the same access to. Being provided for in that way can be not only heartwarming but can make a difference in their life. It may be the one week they have food in their kitchen and feel comfortable about it. Or the one time they have food in their kitchen at all. Extravagant meals aren’t the only way to show someone love with food.