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Elle Macpherson
Photographer James Houston courtesy of Instagram/@ellemacphersonofficial

Elle Macpherson wants to help you have better sex

The model is launching libido and endurance boosters just in time for Valentine’s Day

Elle Macpherson wants to help you have better sex. The supermodel’s line of organic plant-based supplements, WelleCo, which launched in 2014, has just dropped a new range of super boosters designed to improve your “libido and endurance” in the bedroom. 

The supplements contain a blend of botanicals and adaptogens including Maca extract which according to the brand is traditionally used in Peruvian medicine to enhance healthy libido, stamina and sexual function and “will make you feel better than any aphrodisiac.”

Retailing at a cool £85, the boosters are available for men and women, with the male version also promoting prostate health and sperm mobility, while the female version reportedly relieving symptoms of menopause and supporting hormonal balance and emotional wellbeing. 

Although the website does warn customers that these statements have “not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration” and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. One to buy in time for Valentine’s Day?