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courtesy of TikTok/@traplordmeaghan

TikTok users are letting a filter decide what random piercing to get

The creatively named #PiercingChallenge sees people supposedly getting either a bridge, septum, labret, or dimple piercings for fun

If you thought the challenge which saw girls on TikTok put purple shampoo in their hair for no reason was wild, the worst is yet to come...

Now, users are turning it up a notch with the new #piercingchallenge which sees users cycle through the Snapchat filter of facial piercings – including a bridge, septum, labret, or dimple – to decide on which to get. A roulette of body mods. 

But, let’s be real, it’s hard to believe that everyone who has done this challenge has truly gone in blind and let the filter decide which piercing is for them. With the hashtag currently seeing over 67k views, among the videos are some who have taken to filming themselves getting pierced (whether it be professionally done or at home), while others are mocking the challenge with fake and magnetic piercings. 

Following on from people glueing their lips to make them bigger, this is the latest step in eye-roll-inducing viral challenges on TikTok, as we can tell, it certainly won’t be the last.