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Photography Andres Aldariz courtesy of Instagram/@andresaldariz

This video of a bum enhancing treatment involving fire is going viral

Do not try this at home

Some people like big butts and they cannot lie. Some want big butts and will do anything to achieve it despite the dangers that surgeries like the Brazilian Butt Lift can bring. And now there appears to be a new bum enhancing procedure on the scene. It doesn’t involve a scalpel or needle but it does involve fire.

Yesterday, Instagram account The Shade Borough posted a video of a faceless woman undergoing a treatment that sees one of her bum cheeks being sucked into a large ceramic pot that appears to be filled with fire. After some time, the beauty technician removes the pot to reveal the cheek has almost doubled in size. 

Since being posted yesterday, the video has already racked up over 100,000 views with followers shocked, confused and bewildered by what they’ve just witnessed.

“Come, did I see fiyah inside that pot??” commented one user, while another wrote “Nah it’s not that deep, people unleashing hades on their batty for small plump you can get in the gym WILD.”

One person flagged that the results are only temporary, “How long will it last for ? This looks like it’s gonna deflate in 2 days,” while others just want people to love themselves: “Honestly just love what you’ve been given , this doesn’t even look safe.” Another person wrote: “Baking ya batty, real honey buns. Love yourself n done.” One commented summed it all up, saying simply: “This is a cause for concern.” Agreed.

For those of you who remember the viral Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge – where teens in 2015 posted videos of themselves sucking small jars onto their lips to create a vacuum effect the result of which were, at best, swollen lips, and, at worst, bruises, soreness and torn skin – the science behind this bum enhancement appears to follow along the same lines. Not much else is known about the treatment, including any details on where it is taking place or who is doing it, however, considering the dangers surrounding the lip challenge, which doctors warned against in droves, we wouldn’t advise trying this at home.