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Go trippin with this travel platform's new LSD wellness oil

Millennial travel platform Trippin has teamed up with female-run sustainable brand Mimo Cha on a calming travel oil, Lucid Sweet Dreams, to ease sleep on planes

Founded by Kesang Ball, Sam Blenkinsopp and Yasmin Shahmir, Trippin is a travel platform that stemmed from frustration with the one-dimensional Thomas Cook takes on travelling and is aimed at a new breed of creative explorer. Focusing on connecting cultures worldwide, the start-up targets millennials and Gen-Zers with content generated and curated by its users.

As part of their travel collection, Trippin are dropping a travel oil titled Lucid Sweet Dreams (LSD) to help you drift off easily on a plane and even comes in glow in the dark packaging. The oil is a collaboration with the independent and female run sustainable brand Mimo Cha and is comprised of entirely organic ingredients including Boabab and Chia Seed Oil as well as Lavender, Rose and Patchouli, chosen for their calming properties. LSD should be rolled on and around pulse points for maximum effect.

“We wanted to make an oil for our new travel collection which naturally makes you fall asleep for those flights when you just want to pass out on,” says Kesang. “We partnered up with Mimi (founder of Mimo Cha) because of her sustainable ethos and homemade holistic luxuries which I always use for their natural properties. It took so long to make the oil together as we kept dozing off! I now use it before bedtime and during a flight.

The collection will drop on their website on December 5th at midday, and will also feature a utility bag, a long-sleeved comfy t-shirt and an eye mask to help achieve the optimum snooze.