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Away We Stay

Helena Christensen and David Gandy star in a short, but romantic film, celebrating the opening of Leicester Square's W Hotel

How do you tell the story of a hotel? Through the people living there, of course. The customers are the last pieces in the puzzle and the ones making up the atmosphere and characteristics of the place... you're only as good as your last guest! That's why it made complete sense for W Hotels, celebrating the opening of its new Leicester Square branch, to commission a story about two people meeting at the hotel, striking up a conversation and developing a relationship.

Of course, knowing the reach of W Hotel, the film it made - 'Away We Stay' - was never going to be an ordinary low-fi B flick. No, referencing 1966 Brit classic Blow Up, the W crew brought in filmmaker Edoardo Ponti to direct the film. Edoardo is the son of Blow Up director Carlo Ponti, so the stakes were high for everyone involved. Luckily, 'Away We Stay' doesn't disappoint. Starring Helena Christensen and David Gandy, it evolves around the bar stool meeting of one glamorous but disillusioned star photographer (Christensen) and a chatty, polite and flirty stranger (Gandy). The two meet, talk for hours, fall for each other, and start planning their romantic getaway...

'Away We Stay' delivers on many levels; it's stylishly shot by Ponti, keeps you on your toes with its plot and stars many a distinguished actors. Except for Christensen and Gandy, it boats guest appearances by Tom Hollander, Nick Moran and Georgina Rylance. It also manages to give us a good insight into the new W Hotel in all its glory, and if this is the kind of romantic encounters one can expect when staying there, then I'm moving in for good...