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Witchcraft shop terrorised by ‘Christian fanatics’

Spellbound, an occult store in Gloucester, has experienced ‘sustained, continuous harassment’, arson threats and an exorcism incident across nine years

Witches in Gloucester have been suffering at the hands of ‘Christian fanatics’ who have waged war on their occult shop for nearly a decade.

Toni Hunt told Gloucester Live that people had been harassing and intimidating her, while also attacking her business, the witchcraft and occult shop Spellbound. She claims that her staff had been threatened and an exorcism had been performed outside the store. People identifying themselves as members of a local church have also been handing leaflets to customers and shouting verbal abuse. They have also been subject to abuse online.

“They have threatened to burn the place down,” she said of the hostile harrassers.

“It was devastating to the girls who work here. I am very worried for them, they are only young,” she told Metro. “They said my girls were the same as terrorists, they likened them to devil worshippers and ISIS.”

“We are supported in the area, we have a lot of support, but we do not know how this is going to escalate. At times we thought it might be just anti-social behaviour. But a lot of it is religious beliefs. It is a hate crime, same as any other. It just isn’t acceptable anymore.”

She added: “I just don’t understand. If they don’t like us why keep coming here?”

The shop sells occult books, tarot cards, crystals, tools for magic, herbs spell ingredients, voodoo dolls and toys, while also offering courses in witchcraft and healing and readings.

According to local media, the Police Pagan Association has gotten involved to help. Gloucestershire Police recently released a CCTV image of a woman they wish to speak to relating to hate crime offences at Spellbound in April. Authorities confirmed criminal damage and “anti-social behaviour” incidents were being investigated as hate crimes.

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