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Issue 174

Man Machine

This month, expect steel tendons and X-ray vision as Dazed & Confused bows before the might of the man machine. Bestriding the cover is young French film star Gaspard Ulliel, who talks about his ambivalent relationship with the fashion world, and his latest English-language film The Vintner’s Luck.

French Playboy
French actor Gaspard Ulliel has made the seamless transition from teenage icon to heavyweight leading man. We met him to talk film, fashion, muscles and masculinity. 

White Heat
As Texan Power trio White Denim prepare to release the follow-up to last year's classic debut. We meet them at their remote trailer studio to find out how the hype machine has affected their music and friendship. 

Going Country 
Author John Heale has spent years investigating Britain's gangs. Here,  he speaks with those involved about why the problems are getting worse, and how gangs are now taking their business out of the city

Shoot to Thrill
Cult VIP: Clayton Patterson
New York outsider archivist looks back on a life of photographing the artists, thugs and battles of the lower east side. 

Art; Hung & Drawn
Matthew Monahan creates modern Old Masters; Alexei Shulgin gets sentimental about obsolete computers; Christina Seeley shines a light on waste. 

Music; Agony & Ecstasy
Willie Isz combine forces with TV On The Radio; Portland trio Explode Into Colours bug out; Gentle Friendly bring the junkyard noise; Dirty Projectors create a New Jack Swing mixtape; Wildbirds and Peacedrums kick up a storm; X-Posure Merok tell us why they are still leading the pack. 

Film; Cut & Wrapped
Ludivine Sagnier is fought over in A Girl Cut In Two; dead teenagers go on the rampage in Tormented; Leonera gets to grips with the incarcerated mothers; Michel Gondry and Leon Carax dicuss Tokyo!; Baseball comes under fire in Sugar.