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Courtesy Anonymous

Anonymous declares war on Donald Trump

The hacker collective will attack the controversial presidential hopeful this April Fool’s Day

Anonymous has declared war on presidential hopeful Donald Trump, according to a video posted on YouTube. The hacker collective has form when it comes to going hard on organisations and people they don’t support, having previously declared war on Isis, the Thai police, and called out YouTuber Sam Pepper for his distasteful stunts.

The video features a man in a Guy Fawkes mask reading from a script that says, “Dear Donald Trump, we have been watching you for a long time and what we see is deeply disturbing. It then cuts to a selection of Trump’s most controversial comments, including when he described Mexicans as “rapists” and suggested that a female reporter has “blood coming out of her wherever”.         

It concludes with a call for Anonymous hacktivists to shut down Trump’s websites and “research and expose what he doesn’t want you to know”. If you hate Trump, but don’t know how to hack, Anonymous urges you to get in on the action by sharing the video to give the operation “the momentum it needs”.

It’s worth pointing out that this isn’t the first time that Anonymous has attacked Trump’s operations. In December 9 2015 the collective targeted his official website to denounce the presidential hopeful for making anti-Muslim comments. More recently, they hacked Trump's voicemails and released them publicly – although unfortunately they didn't find any late-night sexy chats for our amusement. However this latest video reaffirms their focus to bring Trump down – and their request for supporters to dredge up ‘dirt’ on Trump could be particularly interesting, especially if they look into his tax affairs, which have been the subject of some speculation. 

Watch out Donald Trump – Anonymous is coming for you.