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Courtesy of Airbnb

You can now rent a Netflix and chill Airbnb in NYC

Complete with a fully stocked mini-bar and HD projector, this apartment is fully equipped for all of your not-watching-movie needs

Because nothing spells romance like branded bedsheets, a new Airbnb listing is offering a one-night-only Netflix and chill experience in Manhattan’s West Village for just £289.

Conceived by online artists Tom Galle and ART404, the one bed apartment is part art project, part rentable getaway and part IRL meme. Offering Netflix logo adorned bathrobes, Apple TV and surround sound, the Airbnb listing goes as far as suggesting the hosts are more than happy to show guests the sites of the city if your hook-up plans fall through.

Galle told NME, “It’s bringing a part of the internet to a real life experience. You don’t have to sleep with a girl there or a guy there, we’re just bringing the joke to real life.”

Cold lighting echoing the glow of your laptop screen may not scream seduction, but regardless of whether you think the listing is a perfect Valentine's day getaway or tongue-in-cheek poke at meme culture, the stunt has grabbed the attention of the online generation, with reports of at least one booking already having been taken.