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Kids are studying for jobs that will soon be done by robots

An Australian report estimates that 60 per cent of students are training for careers that soon won’t exist

We all know it’s happening, but the question is when? When will we be cast out into obsolescence? No longer needed, replaced by more diligent, reliable robots who don’t turn up hungover? Sooner that we’d like, perhaps.

The Foundation for Young Australians believes that 60 per cent of the country’s students are training for jobs that soon will not exist. As a consequence, the organisation wants to see school curriculums totally overhauled in order to prevent sending out a load of kids into the world without suitable skillsets.

Chief executive Jan Owen told ABC, "Many jobs and careers are disappearing because of automation. The second driver is globalisation – a lot of different jobs that we're importing and exporting. And then thirdly collaboration which is all about this new sharing economy."

TAFE (Technical and Further Education) is the largest vocational and educational provider in Australia. But another member of the group believes that a shockingly high number of university and TAFE students are training for things that will not exist.

"Nearly 60 per cent at university and nearly 70 per cent at TAFE were studying jobs that will be automated," said Jill Kenny. "44 per cent of jobs will be automated in the next ten years."

The group wants students to be adequately prepared for an increasingly digital world and one that will soon be full of robots doing shit better than you do. This shift isn’t confined to physical work either – last year a robot (kind of) successfully wrote a news story. We’re all doomed.