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What does the future hold for these British kids?via

British youth to go to ‘boot camps’ if they’re out of work

Anyone aged between 18 -21 will be sent on a 71-hour programme within three weeks of signing on

We always knew that the Tory government would make things difficult for young people once the party took sole control of the country. Earlier this year, months before the election, we reported on David Cameron’s pledge to make British people aged between 18-21 to work for 30 hours a week if they’d been claiming dole for six months.

Given that Jobseeker’s Allowance stands at £57.35, this means that the PM wants young people to pick up litter or scrub war memorials for about £1.92 an hour, which feels quasi-illegal.

Now, Cabinet Office minister Matt Hancock has announced what seem like further punishments to young people out of work, by announcing that young people will be sent to "boot camps" to prepare them for work just three weeks after making a claim.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4, Hancock said: “We are penalising nobody because nobody who does the right thing and plays by the rules will lose their benefits. In fact this is about giving more support to young people.” 

It’s hard to agree with this statement, because it doesn’t properly consider how rules work. If you and I are playing a game and you suddenly change the rules, then do I not have a right to feel penalised? Fortunately, the programmes are not expected to be in place until April 2017. Claimants will be reportedly be assisted with job interviews techniques and how to fill out applications. Why can’t these skills be taught in schools?

Speaking to ITV, Hancock said: "We are absolutely committed to ending long-term youth unemployment and building a country for workers, where nobody is defined by birth and everyone can achieve their potential."

Of course, a lot of senior Tories have been defined by birth, namely the Chancellor George Osborne, who has a largely inherited personal fortune in the region of £5 million, thanks to a stake in a family company.

A spokesperson for Labour’s leadership frontrunner Jeremy Corbyn hit out at the government’s plan. “This is another punitive turn by this Conservative government that is failing young people," the Corbyn campaign told the Guardian. "They have cut further education places, driven a punitive welfare regime that has failed to reduce youth unemployment, and are raising university fees and taking away grants.

“As it takes away opportunities for young people to earn or learn, this government is blaming young people rather than addressing the real problems. It proposes more free labour from the young with fewer rights, and will be resisted by young people and Labour MPs.”

What does the future hold for British youth under this Tory government?