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Anja Reschke
Anja Reschke

German news anchor calls out racists live on air

Anja Reschke addressed the nation pleading with people to stand up against online hatred directed against refugees

The Calais crisis is a divisive issue. To some, the idea of people risking their lives to enter a country where they’re safe from the turmoil of their homeland invokes a humanitarian response – these are fellow human beings and they should be treated in one way – with help.

To others, the idea of "migrants" entering "their" country in "swarms" whips up a storm of xenophobia so fierce that they’re actually willing to say online, under their real names, that they’re glad a boat has capsized off the coast of Libya, or that we should "send in the army". It isn’t just commenters either, some of the UK‘s best-selling newspapers are running headlines with similar implications.

Other countries are also seeing some morally questionable responses to the plight of refugees. German news anchor Anja Reschke used a segment of her show on Tagesthemen to speak out about "hate tirades" being posted online, bemoaning the number of likes and upvotes that racist posts are attracting in the midst of a humanitarian crisis. Reschke asks those who disagree to voice their discontent and shut down this type of rhetoric.

She’s right. People are dying and suffering at the moment – is now the time to be posting comments saying that you want them to die and suffer more? Watch her speak out below, video courtesy of the Guardian and Tagesthemen.